30 Minute Superhero Cape Tutorial

30 Minute Superhero Cape by Knot Sew Normal Sometimes you are in the middle of a big project and your children NEED something. Lucky for me it was just a Superhero cape and I whipped this one out in less than 30 minutes and you can too. This would be a great project to use up an old pillowcase or even a towel. 30 Minute Superhero Cape by Knot Sew NormalSupplies needed :

  • Rectangle of Fabric (this would be a great use of an old pillowcase.)
  • Scraps for Initial and Background
  • Scraps of Fusible Interweave
  • Small Square of Velcro

1. Lay out your rectangle of fabric and make sure it isn’t too long for your child and that it is the width you want the bottom of the cape to be.
2. Now you are going to make your cape shape. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise. Use a long ruler and make an angle starting at the width you want the top of the cape to be. End your angle at the bottom outside corner of your cape.
3. You are going to cut the straps from your scrap triangle of fabrics you have left from cutting out the main cape piece.
4. I cut mine from the middle of the scrap piece and cut it about 8 inches long, your length will depend on your child’s size.


30 Minute Superhero Cape by Knot Sew Normal  Next you will cut out your background shape and your initial out of fusible interweave, make sure you cut out your letter in reverse. Iron the shapes to your scrap fabric and cut them out. I used pinking shears to cut mine out to add a little interest. Iron your background and then your letter to your cape and stitch in place using either a zig-zag stitch or a straight stitch close to the edge.

30 Minute Superhero Cape by Knot Sew Normal Next you are going to finish the edges of your cape and your strap pieces. I used my Serger, if you don’t have a serger then just use a zig-zag stitch right along the edges of all three pieces. (ignore my ugly serged stitches here, I didn’t realize that one of my needle threads wasn’t secure and I ended up with loopy threads on the back and I had to redo them.)
1. After you finish your edges you are going to fold over the top edge of the cape to the wrong side of the cape and stitch around the 2 sides and the bottom.
2. Place your strap pieces along the top outside edges of the cape beside the top piece you folded down.
3. Attach your straps by first using a straight stitch and then going over with your zig-zag stitch several times to reinforce the straps.
4. Place your hook and loop tape on each of the strap pieces and stitch in to place.

***For the final step just put your cape on your child and watch them transform into a superhero right in front of your eyes!!

30 Minute Superhero Cape by Knot Sew Normal



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