Momma Quail’s Walker Jeans & Shorts Pattern Review

**Disclaimer – I received this pattern for free in exchange for testing the pattern for the designer, but all opinions are mine.**


Hi fabulous readers! I know, I know, long time no blog. I am so sorry for my extended absence. I am hoping that today’s blog post will make that up to you. Today I have a review of the awesome Walker Jeans and Shorts by Momma Quail patterns. You can purchase the Walker Jeans HERE, they are on sale for $6.00 until March 14th, 2016.Amy Macdonald the designer behind Momma Quail patterns has the knack of taking a pattern and breaking the steps down in a way that is so easy to understand and intuitive.  For example, I have made tons of pants with a zipper fly, but somehow I always seem to foul it up before I eventually get it right. The instructions in this pattern are so intuitive that this is my first zipper fly that I am actually proud of and that I didn’t puzzle over the directions for an hour trying to figure it out.


This pair of jeans are actually the second pair of pants I made from this pattern. I also made a pair of pants upcycled from a pair of khaki pants. One day last week when we took Miss G to school, Mr T was wearing the khaki pants and we had 3 people stop us and compliment his pants. This included a mom that stopped me to ask where I got his pants. She said “These are exactly what I have been searching for. Something that isn’t too baggy or too skinny. Just a perfect fit.” Needless to say I was tickled to tell her that I made them.

The Walker Jeans are real jeans  or shorts with a (really easy!) working fly, deep hems, five pockets, and buttonhole elastic. They come in sizes 12 months to 14 years. They come with a straight leg and a “boy” boot cut option. These jeans are relaxed through the hip with the boot cut option just having just a slight flair. 

Momma Quail's Walker Jeans sewn by Knot Sew Normal

I opted for the straight leg option and the fitting chart was spot on for Mr T. I only had to had a little extra length to accomidate for my tall and thin kids. This was such an easy alteration with this pattern. I measured Mr. T’s inseam and added the extra length at the lengthen/shorten line clearly marked on the pattern.

Also included in this pattern are tips on distressing your jeans so they look more like store bought. I added distressing to the pockets, on the yoke and on the front thigh sections. Amy also adds in the options of topstitching and adding bartacks. These little details really elevate the look of these jeans from “homemade” to “handmade.”


These jeans are perfectly trendy and yet still comfortable and easy to play in. As a matter of fact. Walker Jeans have been all Mr. T wants to wear since I made these.

I think my favorite part of these pants are the chance to be able to customize them. I added the Rebel Alliance logo to the back pockets of these jeans using top stitching thread. Mr. T thinks these are the coolest thing ever and I think I have to agree with him. Miss G wants to know when she is going to get jeans with Hello Kitty pockets.


Don’t forget that this pattern is on sale for $6 until 03/14/16. You can buy your Walker Jeans Patterns at the Momma Quail Pattern Shop HERE  and also go over and join the Momma Quail Pattern group on Facebook HERE for even more awesomeness.

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