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Mystery Challenge French Revolution - Knot Sew Normal

You may remember back in August when I participated in a Mystery Challenge. You can see my post about that challenge here. If you didn’t see that post, then you missed out on some fun last time around. During the mystery challenge a group of bloggers get together and gives each other a theme. I love seeing what themes everyone comes up with, just as much as what all the bloggers come up with for the themes. I gave Jessica Berry over at the Berry Bunch the theme of Black and White and she finished up a gorgeous quilt, you can see that here. Maegen from Mae & K gave me the theme of The French Revolution.  

When I first got the theme of French Revolution I had thoughts of an over the top dress inspired by Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst. I adore that movie. Even though I was thinking over the top, my mind kept circling back to the scene in Marie Antoinette where you see a flash of pink Converse. I just love that part of the movie. I thought something fun and funky with “Let Them Eat Cake” stenciled onto it would be perfect. I even designed the stencil for the shirt. When I showed it to Miss G, she said she didn’t want to participate this time. I can respect that so I decided to focus on Mr T.

Mystery Challenge French Revolution - Knot Sew Normal

I knew I wanted something to reflect the Blue, White and Red of the French flag and I also wanted to incorporate the words, “Liberte, Egalite, and Fraternite.” or Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. I was originally going to go with an all white center on the shirt, but I found this tie-dyed shirt in my upcycle stash, and I thought it was perfect.

Mystery Challenge French Revolution - Knot Sew Normal
I used the Hangout Hoodie pattern from Peek-a-boo patterns and it was such an easy sew. As a bonus Mr. T doesn’t want to take this shirt off.

Mystery Challenge French Revolution - Knot Sew Normal

The words are a freezer paper stencil and then I alternated between red, blue and black for the text color. After I added a vintage button from my button stash Mr T was all set.

Mystery Challenge French Revolution - Knot Sew Normal

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15 thoughts on “Mystery Challenge Tour

  1. I love love love it! The the tie dye is just perfect too, totally puts me in mind of explosions. I hope you’ll go back and use your other idea if your daughter ever decides she would like it, it sounded so fun! Fabulous job, I love the stencils and that you used several colors for the letters. I just really like this shirt! -Maegen


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