Zombie Hunter Messenger Bag Tutorial and my Top Stitchers Entry

Have zombies taken over your world or do you fear that the Zombie Apocalypse is imminent? Well do I have just the thing for you today! A messenger bag suited to carry all your zombie hunting essentials and a few extras.


I know, I know, you are asking yourself, “Why would Jonie design a Zombie Hunter bag?” Well let me tell you it is part of my Post-Apocalyptic Style look for Topstitchers season 3. Go check out the complete look over on Top Stitchers , HERE and cast your vote for my and Michelle White’s looks. Go ahead and go…I will be right here waiting when you get back.
(Cue Elevator Music)

Bridges collapse, communication shuts down, and those fabric stores you love so much are over-run with zombies. Most survivors are hunkered down wearing whatever rags were on their backs when The End arrived, or ill-fitting garments they looted from a stranger’s closet. But not your kid. Your daughter has a master upcyclist for a mother, and you’re going to turn the trash around you into the most durable, functional, and stylish duds for your post-apocalyptic world.

Sewing Staduim

Did you go vote? OK, great…see I told you I would be right here waiting when you got back.

Here is one more close-up look at all the items I sewed for my Zombie Hunter looks. Now are you ready to sew up your very own Zombie Hunter bag? Scroll on down for the full tutorial on how to make your own Zombie Hunter bag.

Top Row : Calvin Cargo by Momma Quail Patterns. (Pink Zippers and added topstitching detail)
2nd Row : Raindrop Tee by Gracious Threads. ( Color blocked back and freezer paper stencil design)
3rd and 4th Row ; Self-drafted messenger bag,made from hubby’s old work pants and an old curtain includes freezer paper stencil design, hand-stamped lining and button hole and buttons for adjustable strap. Self Drafted Vest made from an old hoodie with a hand-stamped ZORT name badge. Self-drafted button up hooded shirt made from one of hubby’s old button-up shirts and hood from a test version of my Radical Raglan.

ZOMBIE HUNTER MESSENGER BAG (or just an easy to sew messanger bag.)

Fabric ( Outer & Lining Fabrics)
Interfacing (Optional)
1 D ring
Sewing Notions
The dimensions I give in this tutorial are the ones I used to make the zombie hunter bag, this bag is easily customized to your own specifications. All measurements are width x height

If  using, cut your interfacing  (2) 9” x 8” for main body pieces, (1) 8”x7” for flap and (1) 25” x 3” for center piece,. If you aren’t using interfacing just cut out these measurements out of your fabric. If you are making a different size bag you will cut your flap 1″x1″ smaller than your main body pieces. Your center piece with be the length of each short side + the length of one long side of your main body piece (for example mine would be 8″ + 8″ + 9″ = 25″)

Fuse Interfacing to main outer fabric. (For my center piece I cut it at an angle because I didn’t want to worry about  lining up the stripes and I thought it would lend some visual interest and I am also a little lazy.) Cut lining pieces to match all of your outer pieces.


To recap you will have :

(2) Outer Body Pieces (9”x8”)

(2) Lining Body Pieces (9”x8”)

(1) Outer Center Body Piece (25’x3”)

(1) Lining Center Body Piece (25”x 3”)

(1) Outer Flap Piece (8″x7″)

(1) Lining Flap Piece (8″x7″)

You will also need to cut strap pieces. These measurements will vary depending on the person you are making this for. If am making this for a child I would cut the main strap to be around 21” long and 4” wide. For a small adult I cut my strap to be around 36” long and 4” wide.  You can drape a tape measurement around the wearer’s chest where the strap will lay to get a more accurate measurement.

Main Strap – 21” x 4” (Child)  —  36” x 4” (Small Adult)

Side Strap A  – 7.5” x 4”

Side Strap B – 7” x 4”

Prepare strap pieces.

Press Main strap piece in half wrong sides together

Press Side Strap A & B in half right sides together and then fold each side to the center and press again.wpid-wp-1444094304730.jpeg

Topstitch Side Straps A & B along each side with ⅛” seam allowance.


Fold Side Strap A a in half around a d-ring and stitch as close to the d-ring as possible (a zipper foot would be handy here.)


Open your main strap piece and then attach a safety-pin to one short end of Side Strap B, ,l ay the other short end of Side Strap B on top of the main strap piece centering on one half, right sides together and baste into place.
Fold the main strap piece back in half with wrong sides together and using a ⅜” seam allowance, stitch main strap piece along short end where Side strap B is basted (sandwiching side strap B inside) and then stitch down one long side of the main strap piece.




Clip the corners on the short end of the Main Strap Piece.


Using the safety-pin and Side Strap B turn your main strap piece right side out.


Turn open edge of strap to the inside and press entire strap. 


Top stitch strap with ⅛” seam allowance. , If you want to add some extra reinforcement stitch down the center of the strap. 


Set strap pieces to the side.

Flap Construction. —

Take your 2 flap pieces and place them right sides together, using a bowl or some other round object trace a curve along one long edge.

Stitch along line and then trim seam allowance


Stitch along each short side with a ⅜” seam allowance.


Turn flap right side out press well and then topstitch flap



Set Flap to the side.

Body Construction –

Take one outer body piece and outer center strip, pin center strip along one short side, mark ⅜” from the bottom edge of body piece.


Stitch down the short side with a ⅜” seam allowance, stopping at the ⅜” mark. Leaving your needle down in the fabric, lift your presser foot and pivot the fabric so you will be stitching along the bottom long side. Continue stitching until you reach ⅜” from the edge and repeat the pivot and continue down the remaining short side.


Clip the 2 bottom corners


Repeat for the other outer piece and then repeat on the lining pieces.

Press each piece well.

Baste flap and straps to bag.

Place the lining and main fabric right sides together with flap and straps sandwiched in-between.

Stitch using a 3/8″ seam allowance leaving a 3″ or 4″ gap to turn the bag.


Turn bag right side out through the gap left at the top of the bag, push lining down inside bag and press well.


Topstitch around top of bag making sure to keep the straps and flap out of the way.

Sew buttonhole on bottom edge of main strap.

Sew buttons onto strap.


You are all finished!! Enjoy your bag.
The really great thing about this bag is the ability to customize it any way you want. You could add a button or a magnetic snap to the flap, add pockets, really your imagination is the limit.
If you make any bags make sure to share them on Instagram or Facebook. You can tag me @knotsewnormal or use #ZombieMessangerBag.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST Topstitchers has put together some AWESOME prize packs for this season!

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 Prize #1: (from InLinkz – judges: Becca & Audrey) Free t-shirt from The Sewing Stadium Spot on Top Stitchers Season 4 $30 gift certificate A Vision to Remember
Prize #2: (from InLinkz – judges: contestants) $50 gift certificate Imagine Gnats $50 value fabric bundle from Fat Quarter Shop 3 patterns from Lil Luxe Collection 3 patterns from Gracious Threads 2 patterns from Paisley Roots 2 patterns from Mama Quail Patterns 1 pattern from Shaffer Sisters 1 pattern from Call Ajaire
Prize #3: (from Inlinkz – Crowd Favorite) $50 gift certificate Urban Sew $50 value fabric bundle from Fat Quarter Shop 3 patterns from Lil Luxe Collection 2 patterns from Paisley Roots 2 patterns from Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs 2 patterns from Mama Quail Patterns 1 pattern from Shaffer Sisters 1 pattern from Scientific Seamstress 1 pattern from Pienkel
Prize #4: (from Rafflecopter – Random) $50 gift certificate Fat Quarter Shop Pattern bundle from Little Lizard King 3 patterns from Lil Luxe Collection 2 patterns from Paisley Roots 2 patterns from Mama Quail Patterns 2 patterns from Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs 1 pattern from Shaffer Sisters 1 pattern from StitchART

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