Introducing My Top Stitcher Competitor, Michelle White.

Two posts in one day. If you think that craziness is about to ensue you would be right. I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in Season 3 of Top Stitchers over at it’s new home at Sewing Stadium. I am soooooooo excited. Becca comes up with the BEST prompts for this contest and it really pushes me to come up with not just clothing, but a whole story to go along with it. Our prompt is Post-Apocalyptic Style. Here is the prompt we were given…

“Bridges collapse, communication shuts down, and those fabric stores you love so much are over-run with zombies. Most survivors are hunkered down wearing whatever rags were on their backs when The End arrived, or ill-fitting garments they looted from a stranger’s closet. But not your kid. Your daughter has a master upcyclist for a mother, and you’re going to turn the trash around you into the most durable, functional, and stylish duds for your post-apocalyptic world.”

— Post-Apocalyptic Styles Prompt

Eeeekkkkk…sooooooo awesome.

Not only do I love the prompts of Top Stitchers, but there is so much talent involved. Today I want to introduce you to my competitor Michelle White from Falafel and The Bee. I am a huge fan of Michelle’s so it is such an honor to compete against her.

Here is a little more about Michelle.


1. When did you start sewing? I did take Home Ec in High School, but I really didn’t sew until my first child (who is now 15) was born.

2. What is your favorite thing about sewing?  I work well with parameters in Art, any creative medium, really. When I am given so many choices (like “paint whatever you want”) I get overwhelmed. But with sewing, I know a shirt will be a shirt. The creative part comes with how I make that shirt, and what it ends up looking like. I LOVE THAT. Plus, sewing something that someone will use everyday is practical. I love that too.
3. Who is your sewing rockstar? Oh goodness there are quite a few. But the two that come to mind for their incredible skills are Gretchen from Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing, and Oonaballoona. Those ladies are super stars! I adore their professionalism and amazing abilities.
4. Besides sewing, what do you love to do? I love accompanying on the piano, my oldest daughter while she is playing the fiddle. We play with a group and I just love that time we get to spend together making fun music. I also really love photography. It amazing how you can uncover so much beauty in this world just by looking through the lens.

5. What is your favorite post apocalyptic movie? and why? Well, I tend to like the “lighter” ones like the movie 2012 where there is lots of action and less of the thriller/zombie/cannibal aspect. The Planet of the Apes films (newer ones) are really well done, too. And then there isI am Legend which is great (except for the zombies- I am a total wimp) and I loved The Road, but once was enough to haunt me for a lifetime (again,cannibals are not my cup of tea- ha!). Another favorite is Tank Girl.

Make sure to keep an eye out for what Michelle, I and all the other Top Stitchers are up to this season.


Time For School Capsule Tour by Knot Sew Normal

Timeforschooltour-collageTime For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

I am so excited to bring you my Time For School Capsule Tour post. When Melissa over at Rebel and Malice first pitched this idea I couldn’t wait to sign up. I loved it for several reasons. I love the idea of wardrobe capsules, this gave me a deadline to have Miss G’s fall/winter wardrobe done by and the final reasons was all the talent involved with the tour. Before I get started showing you my outfits I want to give a huge shout out to all the sponsors on this post.
Puperita, Go To Patterns, Momma Quail Patterns, Bethany Lane Buttons, and Titchy Threads. I am so thrilled and humbled to know such a great group of ladies. I also want to thank Melissa for putting this whole crazy tour together. It has been so much fun! Make sure to check out the link at the bottom for the AMAZING GIVEAWAY Melissa has put together.

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

First up is this weeks featured designer Titchy Threads. These are the Skinny Fry Jeans. I have to be completely honest and say that even though Laura offered this pattern for the blog tour, I have actually owned it for about a year and half, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. That is the big reason I signed up for these. I have been wanting to make them, and this gave me the reason to jump into them.
I really loved this pattern. I have a terrible time finding pants for Miss G, she is so slim that everything falls off her. I made this pattern in a size 3 width and a size 7 in length, and they fit perfectly. I did change it up just a bit and made a non-working fly and waistband, then I added a rib knit/elastic waist band for added comfort.

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Titchy Threads Skinny Fry Jeans, denim, Joann red tag section Puperita Dragon Vest Flannel Shirting, Joann Fabric; upcycled sweatshirt fabric, my stash Gracious Threads Raindrop Tee Knit, Joann Fabric; upcycled dress, my stash

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

This second pattern is also one that I have owned for a LONG time and just hadn’t sewn up yet, Titchy Threads Hawthorne Zip Up Jacket. One reason I had never sewn this is to be honest I was a bit scared of it. Sweatshirt fabric + Zipper had me terrified. I am kicking myself now, because this jacket was a breeze to put together. I hand embroidered this sugar skull cat from Call Ajaire to add to the back to give it an extra bit of WOW. I also used my embroidery machine to make some name labels to add to jackets, just in case they get lost at school.

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Titchy Threads Hawthorne Zip Up Jacket Upcycled Hoodie from Walmart and leftover pink sweatshirt fabric from my stash. Sugar Skull Cat from Call Ajaire

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

The Puperita Dragon Vest was another pattern that scared me a little, but the directions were straightforward and very easy to follow. I used some of the flannel shirting from Joann and quilted hearts on it. I was inspired by Becca DuVal over at Free Notion and her adventures in free motion quilting. This vest is Miss G’s favorite thing in the whole capsule. Her face lit up when she got home from school and saw it all finished up.
Miss G is also rocking leggings from Go To Patterns Leggings. Leggings are a wardrobe staple for her. I made a black pair, a pink pair and a grey pair. I also used the skirt pattern included to make a pink and grey skirt since I had plenty of extra fabric after making the leggings. I see a TON more of these leggings in our future. They went together in a snap and are so easy to customize.

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Puperita Dragon Vest lannel Shirting, Joann Fabric; upcycled sweatshirt fabric, my stash Go to Leggings – Upcycled yoga pants I bought for $1 on clearance.

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Have you seen Momma Quail Patterns yet? If not go right now. I am so happy to call Amy a friend and she totally rocks. The Calico Blouse is no exception. It sews up like a dream and is so easy to follow her instructions. For this shirt I used the rest of the flannel shirting from Joann and a scrap of black lace from my stash. I have been hoarding this lace forever and this was the perfect project. Miss G calls this her Rock Star look. Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Momma Quail Calico Blouse with added lace panel in back yoke, flannel shirting from Joann, lace scrap from my stash.  Go to Leggings – upcycled yoga pants I bought for $1 on clearance.

I received these beautiful wooden buttons from Bethany Lane. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to use them on and then over Labor Day weekend I saw that Brownie Goose was re-releasing her Tilly Top and I realized that it would be perfect. I added some extra length to the bodice and cute little button tabs to the back of the bodice. I really wanted to showcase those beautiful buttons.

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew NormalBrownie Goose Tilly Top – all the fabrics were from my stash, bought previously at Joann

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew NormalI tested the Gracious Threads Raindrop Tee last year and I forgot how much I loved it. I split the back into two sections to use the smaller piece of heart fabric from my stash. I paired this top with the pink  Go To Leggings and SkirtTime For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Knot Sew Normal Radical Raglan with a scooped out neck and extended hem line. Go to Leggings

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Knot Sew Normal Radical Raglan with an extended hem line. Go to Leggings

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

Knot Sew Normal Radical Raglan with an extended hem line. Go to Leggings and skirt

Time For School Tour - Knot Sew Normal

This tunic is self-drafted. I used one of Miss G’s shirts and drafted a doloman style tunic. Then I added rib knit arm and waist bands. I then added to big pockets to hold all the goodies a 7 year old needs at school . Go to Leggings


Thanks so much for joining me on the Time For School Capsule Tour. Make sure to head over to Rebel and Malice to enter the AMAZING giveaway she has put together. After that make sure to go check out the awesome stuff that all the other bloggers have put together.