Snow Day 2015

Snow Day 2015 - Knot Sew Normal

Hello Sweet Friends! How is the weather in your neck of the woods. As you can see it is pretty yucky here in East Tennessee. I know for a lot of people, especially people who live in colder climates, this doesn’t seem like much. Except…that is not snow in these pictures that is ice with a smidge of snow sprinkled on top of it. In most parts of the world that wouldn’t be a big deal but here, where almost every road is twisted and hilly, it can pose an issue. So as you can imagine we are having snow days.

Snow Day 2015 - Knot Sew NormalMiss G was out of school yesterday for President’s day and school was called off today and at least tomorrow. They are calling for more snow tomorrow and bitterly cold temperatures till the end of the week. I am wondering if the kids will even go back this week. I had tons of “stuff” to do this week, but I decided to scrap some of my plans, like the tutorial I was going to post today. I was up late last night (Ice + zombie dreams do not make for a sleepy Jonie) and I decided that we were finally going to make these rainbow crayons. I had been telling Miss G that we would do them for like a year now.

Snow Day 2015 - Knot Sew Normal

The crayons took the majority of the day to make, especially with Miss G helping, but it was worth every minute. I know that all the “stuff” I need to do can wait, all of it, but Snow Days will not. I know that the Snow Days have a melting point and just like childhood they are gone in a snap. Miss G starting school has definitely made me appreciate these fleeting moments even more. I was just thinking the other day that it is only a year and half until Mr. T will be in Kindergarten. I remember in those days of infant + toddler haze how kids in school and snow days seemed like a far off place. Surprising to me, even if it wasn’t to all the other mom’s and dad’s that came before, school days were here in the blink of the eye. Now I stand on this cold winter day, not the mom of a newborn and toddler, but the mom to a 6.5 year old and next week a 4 year old. I watch the sun slip quickly into the western sky, catching all the ice in the trees on fire for just a moment and my heart swells with the love and pride that I feel for my little family. Not just the kids, but also my husband, who is working hard even in this nasty weather. Before he went to work yesterday, he spent Sunday getting things ready for me so I wouldn’t have so many worries during the storm. He is such a hard-working, thoughtful awesome man and I know I can never say thank you enough times.

So for today, there isn’t “stuff” there is just crayons and ice and Disney Junior and hugs and giggles and board games. I hope you all are taking the time for crayons.
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Snow Day 2015 - Knot Sew Normal


3 thoughts on “Snow Day 2015

  1. Hi there, am visiting via Lil Blue Boo.

    We had a 2-hr delay for school this morning due to extreme cold weather, and I chose to skip my favorite workout classes to have breakfast with my girls and drive them to school. They are junior/sophomore in high school, and yes, I’m already sad that I won’t have that many more mornings with them. “Stuff” can wait. 🙂


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