January Recap, February Plans

WOW!! I can’t believe that January is already over. That really flew by. I am going to try to do a monthly recap and a monthly goal list at the beginning of each month. I hope that will help keep me on track for the month. So here are some of the things that have been going on around here.   
Organization Work In Progress Knot Sew Normal  Organization Work In Progress Knot Sew Normal

I worked on organizing my space and making some of my stuff a little more cute. This area is still a work in progress as I find better systems that work for me.

New Embroidery Skills - Knot Sew Normal  New Embroidery Skills - Knot Sew Normal

New Embroidery Skills - Knot Sew Normal New Embroidery Skills - Knot Sew Normal
One of my monthly goals for this year is to slow down and do more hand embroidery and “slow sewing.” I am sewing along with Badass Cross Stitch, Year of Stitches. She is showing how to do a new stitch each week. Some of them I already know, but I need a refresher even on those.

Drawing Lessons - Knot Sew Normal  Drawing Lessons - Knot Sew Normal Drawing Lessons - Knot Sew Normal
Another goal for this year is to draw more. I find that slowing down with sketching and embroidery really help to calm my mind when I end up in ADHD overload. The embroidery is a bit like meditation and the drawing is a brain purge. It really helps when I have a million ideas swirling around and can’s seem to grab one. It really does help me focus. Be on the look out for some of these cute little doodles to be turned into some hand embroidery patterns.


I didn’t blog as much this month as I have in the past, but I am working on quality over quantity. I am also working on opening up and sharing a little bit more of me and my struggles and triumphs. Here is what you might have missed this month.


Confessions of an ADHD Crafter - Knot Sew Normal Confessions of an ADHD Crafter - Knot Sew Normal


My ADHD Confession and plans for the future. HERE



wpid-img_20150115_190454.jpg wpid-img_20150119_143516.jpg

What Crafting With Kids Really Looks Like – HERE




Free Pattern Friday Fox sewn by Knot Sew Normal Jocole Wide Leg Pants and Foo Foo Threads Adeline Cardigan sewn by Knot Sew Normal
Free Pattern Friday -The Foxes; Mr and Miss – HERE

The Girls Bundle Up Tour – HERE

My plans for February include:
Kids Clothes Week – The theme is upcycle, my favorite.
Announcing the SUPER-SECRET project I have been working on
More Hand Embroidery and Drawing
Working on my submissions for for April’s Crafting Con and Pattern Revolution’s Top Stitchers Contest.
A few tutorials to share with you guys

I am so excited about what is coming up and thanks for visiting!

Until next time,



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