Free Pattern Friday


Free Pattern Friday Fox sewn by Knot Sew NormalFree Pattern Friday

Who doesn’t like free stuff? There are tons of free patterns out there in Internet land and it’s always nice to know if one works well before you spend your time and supplies to make something. Well…Mae & K are hosting FREE Pattern Fridays. Every Friday they have rounded up bloggers to sew a free pattern from the internet. So far they have sewn a Bow Tie, Titchy Threads Skinny Fry Jeans and a Hooded Sweatshirt. You can check out the Free Pattern Friday Archive HERE.

This weeks free pattern is this CUTE fox. You can download the free pattern HERE to make this adorable fox over at Stitched By Crystal. I have also started a FREE Pattern Friday Pinterest board HERE.

Free Pattern Friday Fox sewn by Knot Sew Normal


When I saw this fox I knew that we had to make some. Miss G has been wanting to learn to sew and she is currently OBSESSED with foxes. We worked on these over Christmas break. It took us a while, but if I was sewing by myself I could have finished them up in  a couple of hours. Of course Miss G had to customize her Foxes. We actually made 3, 1 for her, 1 for Mr. T and one to donate to her classes reading corner. For her fox we added eyelashes and a hairbow. For the 2 boy foxes we made simple bowties and stitched those on. I made sure to add a bit of interfacing on the wrong side of the body where we attached the bowties. This was a great beginner sewing project and Miss G was soooooo excited to give her teacher something she had handmade.

Make sure to go over and check out Mae & K and Lulu & Celeste’s versions of these super cute foxes!!

Free Pattern Friday by Mae&K

Free Pattern Friday

Free Pattern Friday Fox sewn by Knot Sew Normal

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