What Crafting With Kids Really Looks Like


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw me post this picture on Monday. Miss G was out of school and she wanted a HUGE piece of paper to draw the “whole galaxy” on. Since I didn’t have any HUGE paper I cut apart paper bags and taped them together. Of course since she had a HUGE piece of paper, Mr T wanted one too. It took me about 20 minutes to cut and tape the bags.

How long do you thing they colored on these? Go ahead, take a guess, I’ll wait right here…
So, what was your guess, if it was less than 20 minutes you would be correct. So…20 minutes of them bugging me to hurry and 20 minutes of coloring on it. Was I a bit frustrated? YES. Would I do it again? YES. You know what I did with their giant paper? I rolled it up and we will get it back out soon and add more to it.

Crafting with kids is messy, I don’t like messes. Crafting with kids takes time. Setting up and cleaning up usually takes longer than the actual craft. But it is worth every minute. I love giving my kids the opportunity to create. I will admit that I don’t do actual craft projects with them as much as I feel like I should. However, I have paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks and scissors (am I the only one that has the hardest time spelling scissors, who came up with that word anyways.) available all the time. A good majority of the time I want my kids to pull out the supplies and create for themselves. I try not to guide or direct their creativity. A lot of times Miss G will come to me and ask me to draw something for her, because she “CAN”T” draw it, or she doesn’t like the way her drawing looks. I always remind her that her cat, cow, dog, tree, house, etc is perfect however she wants to draw it and the only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice. That’s not to say that I don’t draw with or for her, I do that too. I just want her to try, practice and learn from her mistakes.


Miss G drew this after we watched Where The Wild Things Are, last week. We talked about what Max looked like and she drew it.


I also love when I am flipping through a notebook and come across one of her drawings.

Free Pattern Friday Fox sewn by Knot Sew Normal
Our latest crafty adventure is Miss G learning to sew. We recently sewed these cute little foxes for Free Pattern Friday. Make sure to check back tomorrow for our full post on these cuties.

So don’t be discouraged when you see a billion cute kids crafts on Pinterest and you never get around to doing one, or when you do it is a total disaster. Just give your kids the tools to create and let them know that even the sky isn’t the limit. Show them to dream big and hand them a box of crayons. You will be amazed!

Until Next Time!

5 thoughts on “What Crafting With Kids Really Looks Like

  1. True! Sometimes I wonder whether the effort is worth it when the prep takes more time than the activity. But it almost always is. The kids remember the activities and talk about them for months. After years of working with my oldest daughter, she is finally able to do projects on her own. She is currently up in my sewing room working on felt craft gifts for her friends…and they are good! Thanks for the reminder šŸ™‚


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