Fairy Wing DIY

Fairy Wings DIY by Knot Sew NormalHi y’all!!  I thought I would share how I made the wings for Miss G’s Tinkerbell costume. I used this to make fairy wings, but you could use this method to make any type of wings you needed and to attach them to any costume. Miss G doesn’t like the wings that have the elastic that goes around your arms, so I had to come up with something else. 

So this wasn’t the tutorial I had planned on bringing you this week. First up was a Peter Pan costume tutorial, but I messed up on the yardage I needed so I decided to work on a Jasmine costume. I started on the Jasmine costume and I just couldn’t get anything right. I kept sewing things on backwards and just making crazy mistakes. Well I woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus and realized that the allergies I had been suffering from had morphed into something else. I am sure you all know how life can get in the way.

Fairy Wings DIY by Knot Sew Normal


1. Gather your supplies, I used metal clothes hangers, knee highs, duct tape, gold spray paint and silver glitter glue.
2. Untwist 2 of the hangers and partially straighten them.
3. Take 2 more hangers cut them, straighten them and join them to make each wing shape.
4. Duct tape the wing pieces together.

Fairy Wings DIY by Knot Sew Normal

1. Stretch your knee highs over each wing, I had to poke a small hole in mine to get it around. Be prepared with super glue if you have to do this, because the knee high will run. Put the middle hangers together and duct tape them together. Bend the straight portions down and duct tape around that portion to make an oval.
2. Take your wings outside and spray paint.
3. I left some portions unpainted to give it a more see-through effect.
4. I thought that this picture had the swirls of glitter glue so I included another picture below.

Fairy Wings DIY by Knot Sew Normal



1. Measure the width of the piece between your wings. Mine was almost 4 inches, add 1 inch for your 1/2 inch seam allowance on each side.
2. Cut a piece of matching fabric your width measurement by double the length you want your strap to be. For mine I just wrapped the fabric around it and added 1/2″ for seam allowance. My fabric piece ended up being 5″x 9″
3. Fold your fabric in half along the length and stitch together using 1/2″ seam allowance, along each side leaving the top open.
4. Fold the top down 1/2″ and press, turn the piece right side out and press again, keeping the top folded to the inside at a 1/2″


1. Topstitch your piece and then place your velcro, one piece will go along the top side facing you. The other piece of velcro will go along the bottom on the opposite side. Stitch velcro in place.
2. Place your piece on to the back of the bodice between your first and second elastic pieces. It will go where you skipped 2 spaces. Sew down, making a barn door, (that is where you sew a rectangle and then an x inside the rectangle, for added support.) Make sure you don’t sew over either piece of your elastic.
3. Wrap hook and loop around the wings and let your little fairy flitter all around the house.

9 thoughts on “Fairy Wing DIY

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  4. Thank you for sharing this! My daughter just announced she no longer wants to be Elsa and wants to be Tinkerbell instead. Wings were worrying me. 🙂


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