Back To School Lunch Ideas. Free Printable Lunch List and Lovenotes.

Back To School Lunch Ideas and Lunchbox Lovenotes PDF Printables by Knot Sew Normal

Today I am going to share my list of lunch ideas and some cute notes you can print and put into your child’s lunchbox.

Today is back to school day for our school district. Lucky for us Kindergarten has a staggered start so Miss G’s official first day isn’t until tomorrow. Even though school is just starting I have been thinking about school lunches for awhile now. Miss G will be taking her lunch so I have been thinking about what to pack for her. I have also had her practice eating out of her lunchbox for a few weeks. I just wanted to make sure she can open everything and knows what to do. I figured that would be one less thing for her to worry about.

These are free printables, if you would like to share them that is great, but please link back to this original post.

Don’t be left scratching your head about what to pack in your child’s lunchbox. Print off my handy guide and pick a few items from each category and add them to your grocery list every week. You will be all set. Another thing I do to make packing lunches easier is go ahead and divide up all the snack food (crackers and such) into ziploc bags so all I have to do is grab them quickly. I am packing 3 lunches in the morning so I try to save as much time as possible. I would also designate a specific area for lunch items so they don’t get eaten beforehand.

What's For Lunch Printable Lunch List from Knot Sew Normal

(click the link to download the pdf) What’s for Lunch PDF Printable Download from Knot Sew Normal

I also included some cute little notes that you can print off and slip into your child’s lunchbox to let them know that you are thinking of them. (You could also put these in your husband or wife’s lunchbox too if you pack their lunches.)

Knot Sew Normal's Printable Lunchbox Lovenotes (click the link to download the pdf) Lunch Box Lovenotes Printable PDF Download by Knot Sew Normal

Good luck to all the NEW and RETURNING students! I hope that everyone has an excellent school year full of fun and amazing learning.


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