Tales from the farm…

KSN-FarmDaylogoI didn’t post last week since it was Memorial Day. I missed posting, but I used the day to just hang out with the kids and Allen. We sure have been busy around our little square of Earth. 

Growing Carrots - Knot Sew Normal Growing Tomatoes - Knot Sew Normal
We have replanted green beans and okra since they never sprouted. They are both growing like crazy already. We also planted more carrots, roma tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

Growing Herbs - Knot Sew Normal Growing Herbs - Cilantro - Knot Sew Normal
While we were looking at the vegetable plants last weekend I ran across a cinnamon basil plant and it smells wonderful. The tag says that it is good in Asian dishes so I am looking forward to trying it in a stir-fry. I found some cilantro seeds for $.20 so I put them out and they are doing great so far. The other herb bed is growing like crazy.

Growing Flowers - Knot Sew Normal Growing Flowers - Knot Sew Normal
I finally got some annuals to put out in our little flower bed and they are looking so pretty. Now to start working on our flower bed out front. We just ripped out 3 big ugly shrubs that were out there and I am in the planning phase.

Gardening With Kids - Knot Sew NormalAllen and the kids bought some raw peanuts and planted them. Mr T was very serious in his peanut shelling duties.

Gardening With Kids-002 - Knot Sew NormalMr T is riding his bike like a champ now and I think Miss G might be ready for the Tour de France soon. She is a pro riding around.
outdoor play spaces - Knot Sew NormalThe last thing we did this weekend was move the swingset to make room to build a fort for the kids. That is going to be our 4th of July project.

Homesteading - Knot Sew Normal

Until next week friends, keep growing!!

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