Cool, rainy and some new plants. KSN’s Farm Day Chronicles

Farm Day Chronicles - Knot Sew Normal

Happy Monday Morning Friends. I hope you all had a wonderful week. We had another great one here. It was a bit on the cool and rainy side this weekend. Luckily it did finally warm up yesterday afternoon. 

20140519-072010-26410094.jpgWe were finally able to buy sweet potatoes! I think this might be the one thing I am most excited about! We  LOVE sweet potatoes and will eat every last one of these! I also put out some sunflower seeds, cilantro seeds and more wildflower seeds. I picked the wildflower seeds up for $.20. I didn’t even know you could buy anything for $.20 anymore.
Garden-MAY18 009 Garden-MAY18 012
I think I need to start putting the yard stick by the corn and measure how much it grows each week.

Garden-MAY18 001 Garden-MAY18 005
I noticed my first bloom on one of the marigolds. I am pretty excited to see all the hard work put into growing something from seed to come out so great. Does anyone know what this yellow flower is? We have it growing on the rock wall in our backyard. Allen usually wacks it down with the weedeater, but since I am in charge of weedeating I have been taking care of it. It is so pretty. It grows so well that I am trying to transplant it over into one of my flower beds.

Garden-MAY18 024 Garden-MAY18 028
It had been really overcast all weekend, then the clouds broke and the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue yesterday afternoon.

Garden-MAY18 047 Garden-MAY18 048
My azalea’s are now free of the evil poison ivy. Thanks for the tips. I went in with the old school method of slapping on rubber gloves and pulling it out. This crazy stuff was even growing up under the siding of my house!! I still have this pile in my yard. I am going to let it die a little and then stuff it in a garbage bag and take it off with the trash this weekend. As I was reading up on poison ivy I read that the urushiol can still be active on plants that have been dead for 2 1/2 – 5 years. That is just crazy to me.

Garden-MAY18 054
I just noticed that we have shamrocks growing along our driveway. The leaves on these are huge, some of them are the size of half-dollars!

Garden-MAY18 043 Garden-MAY18 020
The peaches and the apples are both still going strong. Miss G is already dreaming of a peach pie. I can’t wait to make one with her.

I think my favorite part of starting the gardening is seeing how excited the kids are. I love that when we go to the store Mr T, points out all the “MARY GOLDS” and Miss G inquires about all the different plants. I also love how excited they are about BROCCOLI, yes broccoli. They can’t wait for it to come in so they can eat it. 🙂20140519-080445-29085611.jpg

Until next time dear readers, dig in the dirt, create something, expand your mind.


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