Weeds and Pests and some photos – Farm Day Chronicles

Farm Day Chronicles - Knot Sew Normal

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day Weekend. Ours was great! 

The family took me to Joann’s, Hobby Lobby and out to lunch on Saturday. Allen and Miss G hung a shelf for me in my sewing “nook” AKA my little corner in the kitchen. This is going to help me stay so much more organized. I started on the Elsa dress on Friday, but it ended up looking more like a Cinderella dress, so I am reworking the Elsa. I am hoping to have it finished tomorrow and have photos up on Tuesday or Wednesday. I also have a new Caroline in the works that I am going to offer for sale. I have several other projects that have been lingering in project purgatory a little too long and I need to finish those up in the next couple of days. I received a custom order for Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats so I should have a new hat post up soon.

Knot Sew Normal - Sewing Nook

Knot Sew Normal - Tomatoes Knot Sew Normal - Broccoli Roses - Knot Sew Normal Knot Sew Normal - Corn Knot Sew Normal - Peaches Knot Sew Normal - Apples Knot Sew Normal - Strawberries Knot Sew Normal

We are having lots of good growth in the garden. The corn and broccoli are growing like crazy. I amazed at how much they grow in just a day or two. My rose bush is in full bloom. I cut about a dozen blooms off on Saturday and it was full of blooms again yesterday afternoon. The apples and pears are both doing great. I can’t wait to eat one. Now for the bad news. I am having issues with my strawberries. I actually picked my first ripe strawberry on Wednesday and gobbled it down. So yummy! Thursday morning I woke up and ran out to pick the 4 or 5 strawberries I thought I would be ripe. I was going to surprise the kids with fresh strawberries on their pancakes. Imagine my shock when I got out to the plants and there was NO ripe strawberries. There were only stems left. After doing some research I think we are having an aphid and ant problem. Today I went through and picked out all the dead leaves and stems and sprayed them with some insecticidal soap. I also planted some marigolds among the plants to hopefully deter some of the critters.

Knot Sew Normal - Marigolds Knot Sew Normal - Marigolds.

Knot Sew Normal - Uh Oh!  I am also having problems with this trickster! This poison ivy has totally invaded my azalea bush. I am not a happy camper. We also have a ton of it along our driveway. Our mission next week is to deal with this bit of nastiness while we are doing our yard work. If you have any poison ivy removal tips I would love to hear them in the comments.

Knot Sew Normal - Weeds I Love garden 103 garden 106 Knot Sew Normal - One insect that I want to keep around


It’s not all bad news. We do have weeds and insects that I love. I don’t know what they are, but those little yellow flowers just make me smile. They also make the perfect backdrop for photos of Miss G. Dandelions are so much fun and they photograph beautifully. We have a million of them. If the kids are ever in a bad mood, I just take them out in the yard to “make wishes”  We love to pass time looking for 4-leaf clovers, it is one of the few times I can get the kids to sit still for a few minutes. I got so happy when I saw this little bee buzzing around pollinating the blackberry bushes.

Knot Sew Normal - Photo Fun garden 056  garden 006

After supper tonight we went out to water the plants and play for a little while. Everyone gave me their “serious” face and their “duck” face.

garden 091 garden 075 garden 076 garden 077

Miss G is a true artist. I love how she can find a canvas where ever she goes. I also love how she draws Mickey and Minnie all the time.

Knot Sew Normal - Monkeying Around Knot Sew Normal - Monkeying Around garden 088 garden 086

There was also lots of monkeying around. Their upper body strength amazes me.

Knot Sew Normal - Photo Fun Knot Sew Normal - Photo Fun Knot Sew Normal - Photo Fun Knot Sew Normal - Photo Fun garden 114 garden 070 garden 110 garden 111

I also managed to grab some pretty awesome shots around the yard. I have gotten out of practice with my photography so I have been working on polishing some of my skills. I have always loved being outdoors with my camera.


Knot Sew Normal - Strawberry Leaves

This has to be my new favorite photograph. Not including ones I take of the kiddos.I am going to have to get a print of this to hang.

garden 093 garden 080

I also managed to snap these two of Mr. T. He is a hard one to catch a photo of. Maybe I should start calling him Bigfoot.



I will leave you with this final picture. Mr. T is moon obsessed!! He saw the moon this evening and gave us his normal, “MOON! MOON! MOON! MOON!” until we all looked. Then he started waving and said “Hi Moon! How are you today?” It just melted my heart.
Until Next Time Dear Friends!



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