Cap Sleeve Bolero – Selfish Sewing Week 2014

bolero-top-001This cap sleeve bolero is the other top that I sewed for selfish sewing week. At first I wasn’t completely sold on it but I threw it on over this tanktop and I think it looks fabulous.

On Friday when the kids and I were at the library I took a stroll over to the sewing books and found the One Yard Wonders book and to my surprise it actually had all the patterns in it. (Insert the Jonie Happy Dance here)

one-yard-wonders  bolero-pic


This cap sleeve bolero was one of the first patterns I came across. I just love that curved hem. However, this 36 year old mother of two wasn’t really digging the bare midriff look. I decided to extend the pattern by 4 inches. I must say that the model in the picture must have a really short torso, because even with 4 inches added it is still pretty short.
I wasn’t completely thrilled with some of the instructions for this. There were quiet a few places that I had to puzzle over the directions for awhile. I also had to do the binding on the sleeves a completely different way because I couldn’t get it to work the way they described. There were almost NO diagrams or pictures showing the various steps and the instructions were often difficult to follow. I have been sewing for 5 years – all I could think was “how difficult it would be for a new sewist!” Also I don’t feel that the measurements were all that accurate because I went by their chart and this is almost too small on me. Since it is a bit tight I decided to leave the buttons off and wear it over something. I am anxious about trying other patterns in this book and I am really glad I didn’t buy it. I do still really love the curved hem on this.



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