The Julia Cardigan Review and Some News

Happy Selfish Sewing Week!! I hope you all are having a great week. Have you been over to check out any of the Selfish Sewing posts on Imagine Gnats? You should go over and check out all the awesomeness that is going on over there. My Selfish Sewing Week has gotten off to a bit of a bumpy start. This first top I made was a challenge to say the least. (More on that later this week) However the Julia Cardigan I made has totally redeemed this week for me.

Julia Cardigan - Pattern by Mouse House Creations - Sewn by Knot Sew Normal

I bought the Julia Cardigan pattern last month for my birthday, but for some reason I had been reluctant to start it. I am kicking myself now for not doing it sooner. You have heard me RAVE about Haley and  Mouse House Creations before. There aren’t enough great words for me to say about this pattern. It comes together so quick and it is the most comfortable piece of clothing in my wardrobe now. The instructions are as clear as can be. I didn’t have a single issue with any steps in the pattern. I would have had this finished in less than an hour if I hadn’t had a little accident. ALWAYS check your iron settings!

Crafty PSA of the day. Always double check your iron settings so you don't burn a hole in your almost finished garment.

Crafty PSA of the day. Always double check your iron settings so you don’t burn a hole in your almost finished garment.

I am planning on making a few more for this summer. One of the great things about this pattern is it comes with the option of a cap sleeve (this is the one I made) a 3/4 sleeve and a full-length sleeve. I will also be making several of these for the fall and winter. I love that different knit fabrics will give you different results with this cardigan. I used a very light weight, stretchy knit and my cardigan is light and airy, perfect for summer. I am excited to try a thicker more structured knit to make a blazer type of cardigan for the winter. This pattern also offers 3 different finishing methods. You can do a traditional fold-over hem, a rolled hem or a doubled-over no hem version. I used the rolled hem method on my cardigan. I am eager to try the doubled-over no hem soon.


Now for my news. I have joined the Mouse House Creations Affiliate Program!!! That means if you buy a Mouse House Creations pattern through my link I will earn a small commission on the sale. Also if you have any questions about the patterns I am here to answer those for you. I personally LOVE Haley’s patterns. I own all of them except the Women’s Caroline and I am sure I will be buying it soon. Stay tuned next week for reviews of the Norah Dress and the Caroline Party Dress.

You can go here to buy the Julia Cardigan Pattern or here to look at all the patterns Mouse House Creations has to offer. You can also click on the banner on the side of the page to go check out all the patterns.

8 thoughts on “The Julia Cardigan Review and Some News

  1. Lovely cardigan! I’ve been wanting to join the MH affiliate program. Looks to me like she pays a very nice commission and cares about her affiliates and customers. I’m so glad I stopped by to visit your blog; I’ll be reading!


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