Sprouting Seedlings and Fruit Friends – Farm Day Chronicles



Happy Monday Morning Friends!! It was another beautiful weekend here. Lots of rain is in the forecast for the next 3 days and I am looking forward to all the plants getting a nice big drink of water. We got the bulk of the hard garden work done last week and now we are waiting for things to start to sprout. We did notice that the corn and a few other things are starting to sprout. We have tons and tons of strawberries coming in.

garden 002 garden 003

The pumpkin and cantaloupe that I started indoors last week are starting to sprout. farm day chronicles 2

We also picked a couple of peach trees and an apple tree. The kids really enjoyed helping to plant them.

farm day chronicles 4 garden 004

garden 016 garden 012


I think we might be doing something right with all the gardening. The kids got some money for Easter and Mr. T picked a watering can.

garden 008 garden 018

These two are always being silly!

farm day chronicles 3 Miss G also got her big girl bike this weekend. She is flying without her training wheels now.

We also did some more brush clearing around our field. It is going to take a while but it will be worth it when we are all finished.

farm day chronicles 1 We finished up the weekend with cookies and a good movie. Recharging our batteries for the week to come.

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