Starting the Garden

Hi dear friends! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend. We had the most beautiful weather here this weekend. I want to welcome you all to a new weekly series. The Farm Day Chronicles. We have decided to start gardening more and growing more food. We are also working on getting our yard set up so we can start enjoying more time outdoors. This past winter had me hibernating and I am ready for LOTS and LOTS of fresh air and sunshine. Make sure you tune in every Monday to see what we are doing here around the ol’ homestead.


I just wish I could capture a little bit of this beauty in a bottle to save for one of those cold winter days.

Farm-fun-01   Farm-fun-02


Everyone getting ready to get the day started!

We turned the dirt in the garden again, and got the rows started and all the seeds in. I even decided to put in a new little herb bed for my favorite herbs.


Starting the new herb bed.

Almost Finished Herb Bed

Almost Finished Herb Bed

009 005

027  002



Our little flower bed by the garage was really in need of some TLC. It is all cleaned out and ready for lots of pretty new flowers. I am hoping to get one more rose bush and some other perennials to anchor the bed and then I want to plant some pretty little annuals. I would love to have lots of color in this bed. If you are trying to landscape and garden on a budget you can get a lot of perennials on clearance after they have finished blooming. I bought that pretty little azalea for $1.98 on clearance last year. It looked really puny when I got it, but it is coming along nicely. We also got our apple tree, grapevine and blueberry bushes on clearance.

034 033

032 035


The kids loved putting the seeds in the ground. Miss G did such a great job. I have to say that I think 5 1/2 might be my favorite age! I sure am going to miss her when school starts. We did have a few tears from Mr. T, but we just found another job for him.

011 012


We do have lots of fruits already blooming. Blueberries, strawberries, grapes and apples. We had some freezing weather and even some snow last week so we had to cover everyone up. We did lose a few blooms off the grapevine, but everyone else came through really well. We already have teeny tiny strawberries growing. It is going to be a lot of work to get this mini farm up off the ground, but I think the rewards are going to be well worth it. I am more than willing to work my tail off to give Miss G and Mr T healthy super-locally grown food.



Thanks for checking in with us here at the beginning of our mini-farm adventures. Be sure to check in with us every Monday for more adventure with us here at the Brooks Family Farm!!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow to check out something new I made from the Persimmon Pattern from Willow & Co and don’t forget that the new pattern line launches tomorrow afternoon.



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