Still A Little Under The Weather.

Well we are still feeling a bit yucky around here. I went to the Dr and found out that I have strep throat. (Really?!?!?! I didn’t know that you got that at 36 years old.) Since the kids have been under the weather I immediately called and got them an appointment. There rapid test came back negative so we are waiting on the 1 and 2 day cultures. Our pediatrician was shocked that they didn’t come back positive right away. She says usually the kids have it then the parents. LOL! Since we were at Kindergarten round up last week, I guess this was my welcome to school present.
Moustache Collage - Knot Sew Normal

We did get these awesome stick on moustaches at the Dr’s office and had lots of fun with them.

Ok since I am still behind on the Willow & Co sewing that I am wanting to do I wanted to bring to you my Izzy Top review. My great friend Amber White over at the Spirited Butterfly told me about this free pattern. Have you checked out Amber’s Facebook page. If you haven’t go now. She has some of the cutest stuff. Since I don’t have a machine to do embroidery she is my go to gal for embroidery. Not only is her stuff SUPER cute but she is one of the most awesome people I know. She was one of my very first mommy friends when Miss G was just a couple of months old. I don’t know how I would have made it through that early bit of mommyhood without her! She also has 4 fantastic kids. I am constantly in awe of how well-behaved her children are. She is my mommy inspiration.

Izzy Top - Sewn by Knot Sew NormalThis top is the Izzy Top from Climbing the Willow not only is it the tutorial but it is the pattern for sizes 18 months – 12 years old. I am always thrilled when I can find a pattern for free, especially one as versatile as this one. The pattern is easy to read and it only has 8 pieces to cut out. The bodice is fully lined and it has a cute button closure on the back. It only took me about an hour to sew this up and that included accidentally cutting my front bodice piece in 1/2 and having to piece it back together. This did lack some of the finishing details that I am used to doing, but I just added those in quiet easily.I just added in a little top stitching onto the bodice.

Izzy Top - Sewn by Knot Sew Normal  You can see here where I had to add the ruffle to the front bodice to cover up where I chopped in half. (We like to call those happy accidents.)

Miss G absolutely adores this top. When she put it on she said, “Ohhhh…it is almost like a dress, but I can wear cool pants with it.”

Izzy Top - Sewn by Knot Sew NormalI just love that sweet little button tab closure at the top. It is a great place to add a sweet pop of personality to your top.

Don’t forget the Willow & Co Wanderlust Pattern Collection launches Tuesday Morning.

I hope all of you have very very HOPPY EASTERS!!



4 thoughts on “Still A Little Under The Weather.

  1. Cute Izzy top! I love the colors 🙂 I remember getting strep throat when I was pregnant with one of my kids and it was way worse than when I was a kid … it felt like a truck ran me over. I hope you feel better soon!


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