The Best Laid Plans and a Kipper Capri Review

I had planned on doing different versions of the Willow & Co. patterns that I tested and blogging them all week. However, best laid plans and all that jazz. Mr T and Miss G were under the weather Monday and Tuesday and then I woke up feeling like death warmed over yesterday morning. Pretty sure the evil yellow pollen + Mother Natures crazy mood swings this week = sinus infection for Jonie. So, off to the Doctor I go this morning. I have to get a handle on this before the weekend, because we have lots of gardening and fun Easter stuff to do this weekend. Plus Miss G wants to get more practice on her bike without training wheels. (The girl is starting to fly without the training wheels.)

Kipper Capri Kipper Capri 02Kipper Capri 4

(This girl is so silly. It is hard to believe that she claims to be shy. If I can get her to burst out of her shell around strangers she is going to rule the world.)

Since I have been to sick to do anymore sewing since Monday I thought I would show you Miss G’s Paris Kipper Capris. This is a free pattern from Haley over at Mouse House Creations. Go over and check out Haley’s blog. She recently did a redesign and it is even more fabulous than before. It only comes in a size 4, but you could probably change up the size fairly easy. Miss G loves these and I have already made her 2 pairs with another few pairs in the works. Go over to Sew Mama Sew to get the pattern and tutorial for these awesome capris.

Kipper CapriKipper Capri 3

As you can tell on Miss G, this capri pattern is more like shorts, but she has been requesting her shorts to be a bit longer so these worked out perfectly for her.

Don’t forget that the Willow & Co. Wanderlust glamping collection patterns release on Tuesday April, 22nd. Go on over to their blog to check out the Q&A they posted about the pattern release.

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