Willow & Co – Aster Cardigan

Today brings the 3rd pattern that I tested for Willow & Co for the Wanderlust Pattern Collection that launches on April 22nd.



The Aster Cardigan is designed by the talented Vanessa from LBG Studio. I first started following Vanessa when she was on Project Run & Play. To say that  I am in love with the Aster Cardigan is an understatement. I am swooning over this sweet little cardigan. I think Miss G is going to have to have one in every color. The best part is how comfortable it is. Miss G wore this all day and then asked if she could wear it to bed. This cardigan is 3/4 sleeve and has the option of a regular collar or a faux piping collar. I tested the faux piping collar and it looks so nice, but is very easy to sew. It also pairs perfectly with the Clover Shorts.

aster-003 aster-006




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